"This book is like a cookbook for empowerment - very practical, very easy to read, and totally delicious."

-Nancy Lublin, CEO of DoSomething.org and Founder of Crisis Text Line

"FLAWD is an essential book at an essential time."

- Eric Dawson, Founder of Peace First

"I dare you to read this book and not embrace your flaws, face your fears and feel totally inspired to become the powerful author of your own beautifully flawd life."

- Denise Restauri, Founder and CEO of Forbes' GirlQuake

"No matter religion, race, gender, sexual orientation. We are just people that want to be loved and that want to be happy."
-ProjectCaritas, age 17

"Stop frickin’ hate in this world."
-MeghanProductions, age 16


FLAWD is the book for you if you want to upgrade your relationship with your flaws to one that supports you in shining what you have to offer out into the world.

If you would like to purchase bulk orders of FLAWD ,
please reach out to Aaron Schleicher,
Head of Sales and Author Services at 800-CEO-READ:
aaron@800ceoread.com or 414-220-4459

View the FLAWD page here: http://bit.ly/1Jztg8J

"We Stop Hate. You know what it is, oh yeah. All teens coming together, telling their stories and hoping to help everybody around the world."
-CorttneyDunkin, age 18

"So throw these tips in your head and don’t hate on someone, don’t let people lower your self-esteem, just be yourself and see what happens."
-DeeFizzy, age 17


QUOTES culled from the teen-made videos that transformed WeStopHate‘s YouTube channel into a movement - over 1 million video views! - based around the simple idea that "People who feel good about themselves want others to feel the same."

LESSONS from teens around the world that are about encouraging us all to...

  • SEE yourself as perfectly imperfect
  • TREAT life as playfully as possible
  • THINK about what really matters
  • EMBRACE all that makes you, YOU
  • UNDERSTAND influence and how to use it
  • KNOW you can be a part of a FLAWD and powerful transformation

HOW TO's that are practical, actionable, fun and will help you to be in a healthy relationship to as much of you as you can.

INSPIRATION that will encourage you to see yourself as plenty good enough and ready to...


"Gleaking is when a jet of saliva shoots out of your mouth, and sometimes onto other people. And it’s really awkward. It’s usually involuntary, but it happens to me all the time. I do a million other things that make me different than everyone else. I just have to embrace it."
-Adri411, age 19

"If I positively use these things I don’t necessarily like about myself, I can make myself better instead of tear myself down."
-JillianLovesFilm, age 16



At age 16, I created WeStopHate.org to raise self-esteem as a way to combat bullying. Since then Newsweek has called me one of the "150 Most Fearless Women in the World." As an activist, speaker and YouTube personality, I’ve received the Peace First Prize of $50,000 and the TeenNick H.A.L.O. (Helping and Leading Others) Award from Lady Gaga. I am currently a full-time student at Barnard College of Columbia University in NYC, although I escape back home to Virginia as often as possible! Visit emilyannerigal.com for more information.


I’m passionate about young people, the arts, education, and making the world a better place. In 1993 (the year my co-author was born) I founded Realize Arts & Education, Inc.- a not-for-profit that supports young people in using what they love to do to help others. I love to write and make art and I use it to help others. When I need a title I say Chief Operating Officer of WeStopHate. The best title for me is Cool Aunt.


"Not only does Emily-Anne have strong convictions and a beautiful soul, but she has taken action against bullying. Her actions have had such an immediate and enormous impact on the world already."
- Lady Gaga

"They say great leaders don’t stand in the spotlight. Great leaders shine the light on others and watch from a distance. Jeanne is a phenomenal leader. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She made me realize my vision was possible with Sunday morning Skype sessions."
-Sanah Jivani, Founder of International Natural Day

"FLAWD is essential reading for anyone looking to break the cycles of hate that so deeply impact our lives."
-Lee Hirsh, Director/Producer, BULLY

"In a culture where people are consistently told that they are not "good enough," FLAWD is saying, "You are enough.""
- Taylor Trudon, editor of HuffPost Teen

FLAWD‘s witty, dynamic stories, and real life advice makes it hard to put down. The thought-provoking content lovingly urges readers to embrace their flaws and live a more empowered life. The world needs more books (and authors) like this!
- Jess Weiner, Author and Confidence Expert

"FLAWD is a collection of voices from a rising generation. It is a powerhouse reminder that we are called to be lights, not bullies."
-Hannah Brencher, Founder, More Love Leaders + TED Speaker

"FLAWD is the refreshing response to the pressure to be #flawless. It‘s honest, candid, & supportive to anyone who has ever struggled with feeling like they are not enough. Isn‘t that all of us???"
-Monique Coleman, Actress and Global Youth Advocate

"FLAWD is an empowering "How To" for not hating yourself. If it‘d been around when I was a teenager, perhaps my adolescence would‘ve been more chic and less bleak!"
-Ryan O‘Connell, Author of I‘m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

"Emily-Anne cares deeply about making each of us feel better about ourselves -flaws and all!
-Ann Shoket, Millennial Expert and former Editor-in-Chief Seventeen

"FLAWD reminds all of us that we are good enough, ready enough and important enough to be a perfectly-flawd light in the world."
-Alexis Jones, Author, Activist & Founder, I AM THAT GIRL

"You can‘t be daring and adventurous if you hate yourself. FLAWD is filled with poignant, practical stories and possibilities. Reading it, I felt like I was in a room brimming with new friends, a room filled with kindness and care, and some kickass life hacks."
-Miriam Peskowitz, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Daring Book for Girls

"On the day that you were born we all had to look away because your beauty was so powerful that if we’d looked directly at you at that perfect moment in time, we would’ve exploded. I would compare your beauty to the biggest plate of bacon and chocolate with a unicorn and a rainbow on top. Unless you’re vegetarian. Which is still beautiful. So keep being beautiful."
-ItsAntoniaWithAnA, age 16

"All the mixture of experiences that you’ve had? You’re the only one that’s had the mixture of those experiences. I mean, that’s something super-valuable."
-AdorianDeck, age 16



This book was inspired by the 100+ teen-made WeStopHate videos. Visit YouTube.com/WeStopHate to check them out for yourself - and be sure to leave a comment!


We all have our own version of the "Not Good Enough" story. These stories have the power to hold us back... or set us free. When approached with respect and compassion, our flawd stories can be turned into our strongest allies. They can even be used as a powerful way of helping others.

FLAWD Talks & Workshops explore courageous sharing as a way of connecting with our worthiness and freeing ourselves from shame. By asking students, "How might the things we hate about ourselves be used to help others?" they are invited to join in the spirit of the teen-led WeStopHate movement and turn their mess into a message!

To learn more contact Jeanne@WeStopHate.org and download The FLAWD Way in Schools PDF.



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"You, right now as you’re [watching] this, you are enough. In this moment, today, tomorrow and forever just as you are."
-TaylorrScreamsRawrr, age 15

"Be proud of who you are. Express yourself through what you’re passionate about. Keep doing it."
-Ricky Dillon, age 17